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Exhibition Space 2018

You’re a tattoo artist, exhibitor or trader? Here you can save your exhibition space for the Tattoo Expo Zwickau 2018. Download the PDF Form and send the completed application with post office  or e-mail!

Randy Engelhard
Peter Breuer Straße 17
08056 Zwickau

Download application form:


Additional persons/helper

Confirmed registered exhibitors, tattoo artists and traders get one additional id card ( 1 Person), for free. With it is it possible that helpers or one employee have access to the venue on all days. For any further id card we charge an expense of 40,00 € per piece.

How big is the stand?

The dimensions of one stand (tattoo artist/ exhibitor) is 2,00 m x 2,50 m. The stand for traders is about 2,00 m x 3,00 m. Minor deviations are possible.

Location within the venue

The location of your exhibition / action area is determined by us as the organizer. We choose the place according to local and thematic conditions. We will make your participation representative and successful.

What is included in the booth rent?

Benches, chairs and tables are provided by the organizer. Each booth is supplied free of charge with a power supply, garbage bag, kitchen roll and water.

19. - 21. Januar, 2018, Neue Welt, Zwickau, Germany